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Chris Gentry - The Ridalution Has Begun - RGR Episode 1

Chris Gentry - The Ridalution Has Begun - Ridaz Gotta Ride Episode 1

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Pro Rider Entertainment with 21st Gentry Productions brings you the "Ridaz Gotta Ride" music video reality series where rap artist / professional skateboarder Chris Gentry reports Pro Rider news through rap music videos on his neighborhood network called CGNN. It's all about the day in the life of a Certified Pro Rider.

The story starts out in the vert capital of the world, Carlsbad, CA. and travels to L.A. for a Scarface & Too Short performance, then to Pacific Beach with the Skeleton Key Crew, and then to Austin, TX for the Thrasher Death Match. Action packed with legendary Ridaz & Ridettes. Nothing short of good times... The saga continues... The Ridalution Has Begun... Ridaz Gotta Ride!

Brad Jordan aka Mr Scarface - @brothermob
Pierre Luc Gagnon aka PLG - @plgsk8
Jake Brown - @jakebrown_1
Mike Crum - @overgroundskateboarding
Dave Duncan - @doubledunc
Al Partanen - @parts
Chris Osbourne
Steve Black -

Guest Appearances:
Too Short - @tooshort
Elliot Sloan - @elliotsloan
Noland Munroe - @tha_crippla
Bob Burnquist - @bobburnquist
Danny Way - @dannyway
Sergie Ventura - @sergieventura
Alex Perelson - @aperelson
Bill Weiss - @billweiss
Chany Jeanguenin - @chany1
Colin McKay - @colinmckay
Sam Beckett - @stew_bacca
Jason Jessee - @jason_jessee
Jimmy Wilkins - @jimmy_wilkins
Bucky Lasek - @buckylasek
Raine Rizzle - @rainerizzle
Paul-luc Ronchetti - @plronchetti
Darren Navarrette - @navs5000
Rob Lorifice - @thelorifice
Marcelo Bastros
Sean Sheffey - Photo by Skin Phillips
Pat Duffy
Omar Hassan
Justin Cuddy - @cuddyloc
Kline -
Mark Waters
Alfonso Rawls

Edited by Chris Gentry with Pro Rider Entertainment
Co-Edited by:
Larry Mukhar
Jake Brown -
Pierre Luc Gagnon - @plgsk8

Intro Animation - Produced by Ashley Fisher
Intro Music - Produced by Emerson Windy / Reese Piece Productions

Filmed by:
Chris Gentry - @prochrisgentry

Nate Wooldridge - @n84head ( Chris Osbourne - Nollie Varial, Tray Flip over gap ) (Rob Lorifice Frontside Nosegrind off the Rail ) (Bob Burnquist, Elliot Sloan, Jake Brown and Danny Way at Bob's Mega Land)

Brian Shamanski - @shamando ( Bucky Lasek - Stoneless 360 Boneless at Hawks Ramp )

Pierre Luc Gagnon - ( Chris Gentry Frontside Flip on bank )

Corey Cabrera- @bigheadcabrera ( Colin McKay - Fakie Frontside 360 from wall to bank & Chris Gentry Varial Madoona )

Music Produced by Pat Rodriguez aka P-Rod with Track House Productions

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